Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave Compatible

Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac User Guide

As one of the best Blu-ray burning software for Mac, Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac offers you perfect solution to burn video to DVD/Blu-ray disc, folder, and/or ISO Image File, and burn ISO file to DVD/Blu-ray disc directly. With 180+ formats supported, Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac could convert MP4 to DVD, AVI to DVD, MOV to DVD, M4V to Blu-ray, FLV to Blu-ray and convert MKV to Blu-ray on Mac, etc. Also, featuring a photo slideshow burner, Leawo Blu-ray Creator enables you to burn photos to DVD/Blu-ray photo slideshow in simple clicks. To enhance video to DVD/BD creation, this Blu-ray authoring software on Mac offers you practical video editor to edit loaded files, 3D movie creator to create 3D movies, menu designer to design menu with customized features, and photo slideshow editor to edit photo slideshows. Take use of the best Blu-ray burning software to burn video to DVD and Blu-ray disc on Mac with ease.

  • Burn video to DVD/

  • Video Editing

  • Preview and design

  • Photo Slideshow

How to Burn video to DVD/Blu-ray on Mac OS X

Step 1Add video files to Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac

To add videos into Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac, drag and drop media files, or click the "Add Videos" button. You could add multiple video files or video folder. After loading, you could select subtitles and audio tracks, play back loaded videos, etc.

Note: At the bottom, choose output disc type from DVD-5/DVD-9/BD-25/BD-50, pick up an exact aspect ratio from 4:3 and 16:9, and set the bit rate. Required space for output Blu-ray/DVD is displayed at the bottom bar.

Step 2Related program settings

On the menu bar of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac, open the Preferrences option to some program settings and burning settings.

Under "General": You can choose program interface language.
Under "Conversion": You can choose to make use of Priority native codec or not.
Under "Burn": You can choose Default Video Mode from NTSC and PAL.
Under " Others": You can choose to add external subtitle, choose encoding, choose thumbnail(screenshot) location and format.

Step 3Add a disc menu

On the main interface of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac, select a disc menu from the right sidebar to add to the final DVD/Blu-ray content. There are disc menus in different themes. You could select one. By clicking the middle of selected disc menu to get an instant preview. For more disc menu templates, you could click the "Online" button to download more from Leawo's online store. If you need, you could even edit disc menu on the preview panel by clicking the pencil-shape icon.

Step 4Start to burn video to DVD/Blu-ray

After setting disc menu, return to the main interface of Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac and then click the big green Burnbutton. On the popup sidebar, setBurn to, Disc Label, and Save to options. After these, click the bottom Burn button to start burning video to DVD/Blu-ray content.


1. To burn video files to Blu-ray/DVD disc, insert writable disc into the disc drive and set disc drive as target under Burn to option.

2. On the burning interface, set the after-task operation as you like. The conversion progress is viewable.

How to Burn ISO Image file to DVD/Blu-ray Disc on Mac OS X

Step 1Add ISO image file to Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac

To add source ISO image file, directly drag and drop, or click the inverted icon next to "Add Video" button and then select "Add iso file" button to browse and load ISO image file.

Step 2ISO to Disc Burning Setting

To burn ISO image file to DVD/Blu-ray disc, you need to firstly insert blank writable disc into the disc recorder drive. After loading source ISO image file, an "Add iso file" window pops out. Choose the recorder drive you've inserted a blank writable disc into as target in the "Copy to" option and set Disc Label option.

Step 3Burn ISO file to DVD/Blu-ray disc

After setting Copy to and Disc Label options on "Add iso file" window, click the Burn button to start ISO to DVD/Blu-ray disc burning within this ISO image burner.

Edit Video Files

By right clicking on the video and picking up "Edit" option, or directly clicking the "Edit" option in each loaded video file title, you will enter the video editing interface to edit videos.

Trim: It is up to you to set values in Start Time and End Time or drag the slider under video preview window to cut the needed video length.

Watermark: slide "Watermark" to green and then choose to add image or text watermark as you like. You could edit parameters of added watermark like transparency, position, size, text font, color, size, etc.

Crop: drag the dot frame directly to remove black margin and the unwanted part, or set value in Left, Top and Cropped Size to get the part you want to keep. Also, you could rotate videos for a special angle of view here.

Effect: adjust video brightness, saturation, contrast and volume zoom by dragging the sliders.

3D: slide the "3D Mode" option to green and then choose a 3D effect from Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side by Side for adding to output DVD/Blu-ray content. For more vivid 3D movie effect, adjust the "3D Depth" from -50 to +50.

Remove Noise: Click on "Remove Noise" tab and simply click on “Remove noise” button, then you could remove the unwanted noise as you like.

Create Chapter: Click on the "Create Chapter" tab and you could create chapters quickly by setting chapters or setting chapter length to auto insert the chapters with same duration for each chapter. Or you could delete certain chapters or all chapters with simple clicks.

Preview disc menu

Step 1Preview disc menu

Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac offers disc menu templates in different themes like Standard, Business, Childhood, Education, Holiday, Nature, Sports and Wedding. If you don't need disc menu, check "No Menu" option on the top of the right sidebar. If you need more disc menu templates, click the "Online" option to download more from Leawo. Select a disc menu from the right sidebar and click the middle of selected disc menu to get instant preview.

In the drag-down list, you can find there are three kinds of templates for you:
Under "Built-in": Preset disc menu templates by Leawo for you to choose.
Under "Online": Click to download more disc menu templates from Leawo.
Under "Custom": Disc menu templates saved by you after editing.

Step 2Preview DVD/Blu-ray disc menu

To preview selected disc menu, put your mouse on the thumbnail of the template. There will appear an eye-shaped icon for you. Click on that icon to open the disc menu preview panel. You could preview main disc menu and scenes.

Click the “Play” button to start playing loaded video. On the playback panel, you could drag the playback progress bar, adjust volume, etc.

If you click the “Scene” button on the menu, you will see all the chapters listed in the menu. This is exactly how the chapters would look like when played back on DVD players. You can choose to preview any chapter on the list. If you want to preview the chapter, choose the one you want and click on the thumbnail. To return to the previous menu, Click the return button on the bottom of the interface,.

Design DVD/BD disc menu

On the disc menu preview panel, click the pen-shaped icon to call out the disc menu designer within this Blu-ray Burner software. You could drag titles to any place you want to put, double click the titles in main disc menu and scenes to change title content, and right click title content to adjust text color, size, font, etc.

At the bottom left corner, click the music icon or image icon to add background music, background image or background video. Set the music duration, playback effect, playback mode, etc.

To add background image/video, click the image icon next to the music, and then you are free to choose to load the image you want from image file or video file. Besides, you could click "Reset" to delete the location chosen if you do not want it.

Burn photos to Blu-ray/DVD photo slideshow

With a photo slideshow burner, Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac enables you to burn photos to DVD/Blu-ray photo slideshow on Mac. This built-in photo slideshow burner even allows you to edit generated photo slideshow and add disc menu to generated photo slideshow for output DVD/Blu-ray slideshow files. As long as your photos are in png, jpg, jpeg and bmp formats, you could use Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac to burn photos to DVD/Blu-ray slideshow.

Step 1Add photos

Click the "Add Photos" button, or drag and drop photo files into this photo slideshow burner. You could also add photo folder by clicking the inverted triangle arrow icon next to the "Add Photos" button and then selecting "Add Photo Folder" option. Loaded photos would be automatically generated into slideshow after loading. After loading photos, set Disc type, bit rate and aspect ratio at the bottom.

Step 2Edit photo slideshow

Click the "Edit" icon in generated photo sldieshow title, or right click generated photo slideshow in the processing panel and then select "Edit" option to enter the photo slideshow editing panel.

Edit photo slideshow video

Video: add external photos, re-order loaded photos, remove photos, set photo duration, transition duration, and transition effect, etc.

Edit photo slideshow audio

Audio:, add favorite song as background music, set audio effects, etc. Click "OK" to save and quit.

Step 3Add disc menu to photo slideshow

Select a disc menu for generated photo slideshow on the right sidebar of the main interface. Preview selected disc menu and design it if you need. (This step is optional. If you don't need a disc menu, just click the "No Menu" button)

Step 4Photo to DVD/Blu-ray slideshow burning settings

After adding disc menu, return to the main interface and then click the big green "Burn" button. On the popup sidebar, set "Burn to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options. To burn photos to Blu-ray/DVD disc, insert a blank writable disc into the disc recorder drive and select disc recorder drive as target in "Burn to" option. You could also open the program preferrences settings to set output disc video mode (NTSC or PAL) by navigating to program Preferrences > Burn option. After these settings, click the bottom "Burn" button on the popup sidebar to start burning photos to DVD/Blu-ray photo slideshow.

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